Unlock Your Ability to Manifest Miracles

Join The Lucky Circle to Harness the Power of Group Intention + The Force of Luck

Do you desire to manifest your boldest dreams and creations into reality?

What if you could fast track results by tapping into the scientifically proven power of collective manifestation intention and the energy of luck?

Introducing The Lucky Circle - an 8 week program to unlock your ability to manifest miracles through the dynamic energy of fortune and group intention.

Gather with like-minded souls to co-create transformative life-changes.

 The Lucky Circle is based on two scientific principles:

First, the scientific research which shows us step by step how to increase our luck.

Second, the undeniable, scientifically proven fact that a small group of people can manifest miracles for one another.

Lynne McTaggart wrote about it in her book “The Power of Eight” and said:

“With each experiment, I observed this same group dynamic, a dynamic so powerful and life-transforming that it enabled individual miracles to take place. 

“I recorded hundreds, if not thousands, of these instantaneous miracles in participants’ lives. They healed longstanding serious health conditions. They mended estranged relationships. They discovered a renewed life purpose or cast off workaday jobs in favor of a career that was more adventurous or fulfilling.”

“Sending altruistic thoughts of healing in a group setting is a “fast track to the miraculous” or "passport to ecstatic oneness.” ~ Lynne McTaggart

Lynne notes, “The most powerful effect of group intention … was on the intenders themselves.”

The results are experienced as strongly (or even more strongly) by the people who are sending intention as by the receiver.  It turns out that when we altruistically focus manifestation intention for someone else, that intention is mirrored back to us.

Weekly 90-minute live group zoom calls for guidance, manifestation techniques, rituals, meditations.

Daily 15-minute solo manifestation practice to amplify between sessions.

Daily access over text and voice messages to our Circle community for support, sharing and accountability

Instant access to the fundamentals class Lucky.

Learn how to intentionally increase your luck

Massively boosted manifestation power

Unexpected miracles and support

Receiving your greatest desires

Deep sense of connection, support and belonging

Having co-creative partners and being supported in your creation by the manifesting power of the group during your intentional work

Daily breakthroughs, miracles and synchronicities

Greater intuition, creativity and receiving abundant flow

New and lasting friendships rooted in spiritual growth

Give yourself the gift of accelerated manifestation. Tap into the power of collective intention and experience the miraculous!

The Lucky Circle begins on Tuesday, April 9.

We will meet every Tuesday at  5 pm PST // 8 pm EST // 10am AEST


 I am excited to welcome you and manifest miracles with you!

A week after our Manifestation Circle M.S. emailed us:

I wanted to let you know the great news my daily thyroid medication been reduced by 25%.

Wow, M. S.

Two months later she sent us this testimony:

When I first heard about Mira’s Manifestation Circle, I knew it was something I wanted and needed to do. I had heard about manifestation but had not really understood how it was done.

During our 6 weeks with Mira, we learned so much about ourselves and also about our capabilities. I loved the weekly zoom meetings we had with Mira and I truly enjoyed doing the meditations and tapping. 

And then one afternoon about 4 weeks into the class, I knew and I felt that my thyroid was truly healed. 

At present, my thyroid medication has been decreased by 50%. I feel so good and am so grateful. Thank you so much. M.S.

Since working with you and the group, I've felt a shift, as if good luck is on my side again. Thank you!! - N. A.

Hi friends! I just wanted to check in and let you all know I had an eye doctor appointment this morning and my numbers are normal!! I visualized writing this message and now it's true!! I used the tapping exercises Mira Kelley gave me outside our circle, along with other self healing methods. So very grateful and happy!! Now I can get back to focusing on abundance! 😀 Hope you are all doing great! - C. N.

I wanted to share an interesting manifestation that happened this morning. I didn't ask for it specifically but it happened. 

I had a dental appointment this morning for a cavity. It was found in my cleaning last January. I didn't get it worked on (I didn't make it to the appointment and didn't get another one) and it was spotted again in July's cleaning. So I had an appointment to get it worked on today. 

They called me yesterday asking if I was having any problems because the dentist didn't see what I needed to have done today. I told them that it looks like it needs to be worked on to me, they said they'd see me at my appointment today. 

Dentist looked and said that there's a previous filling and there's discoloration around it from the natural tooth being colored by food/ drink. But Dentist didn't see any work that needed to be done. 

So 2 cleaning appointments including xrays showed work that needed to be done but now, nothing needed to be done. 

That's a small manifestation but to me, quite impressive and shows me that anything can be changed. - A.S.

Hi Mira,

I did my first dose Tuesday, two drops. 

It was definitely pleasant, I did feel my heart open and remain open to a certain level still. My dreams and downloads are deeper and more profound, full of compassion and forgiveness and most importantly loving. I see beyond and appreciate how she teaches us that intensity of things on both sides of the frequencies. At time it intensifies and it’s recognizable before reacting giving a moment to reflect and allow the flow.

I did my second dose three drops Thursday. Always starting with positive personal qualities followed affirmation of experiences which will benefit beyond one self. Amazing dreams, lucid dreams astral dreams. Always trying to listen and learn as much as I am able to ask. 

Thanks and love

A. K.

On top of everything else, I got an inheritance. A money inheritance. So now we have enough money to pay for our child’s tuition. Thank you, thank you for everything. - A. S.

Talking about money coming in … My bookkeeper told me today that we are going to received our employee retention credit, which is a chunk of money. Thank you, Universe. Thank you, thank you. -- N. R.

Mira, the sessions you gave us were really expansive! I felt the difference every time. You have great imagination and wisdom. -- A.P.

I love Amanita. I love the peace it has brought me. I love how I sleep better. I used to have 1 or 2 nights a week where I would end up with insomnia. And I am not having that now. And that has been really, really nice. And looking at the course of the month, I have made a lot of internal changes. I’ve worked through my unworthy feelings with money. I’ve worked through some of these fears. I personally would love to continue this Circle. This has been wonderful. — A.S.

Mira Kelley is a maverick in the consciousness field, transforming lives across the globe as an internationally renowned past life regression expert, best-selling author, and sought-after inspirational speaker.

Through her groundbreaking book Beyond Past Lives, Mira has guided countless people in unlocking their highest potential by healing the past and aligning with purpose. 

Her work has been endorsed by luminaries like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Brian Weiss, Anita Moorjani and others.

Mira has an unparalleled ability to gently guide people into accessing their soul's wisdom, clearing emotional and physical blockages, uncovering profound insights, and creating lives they love. 

She has worked with hundreds of thousands worldwide through her books, individual sessions, retreats and workshops.

Featured in media outlets like Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, and Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network, Mira shares spiritual tools that awaken empowerment, inspiration, and limitless possibility in every area of life.

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