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Step into your greatness, uplevel in your life and live a life of purpose

 Do work you love, make money and change the world

 Go beyond the past and stop beating yourself up for missed opportunities and how things could have been


Struggle with procrastination, quickly lose focus and are terrible with consistency

 Believe you create your reality, yet you still have many challenges

Feel blocked in generating more money and going beyond your current income

Tired of not winning in life because you have a fear of success and a fear of failure

Struggle between wanting to serve in a bigger way with your gifts and not feeling like you have what it takes

Then you know it is not just about trying harder.

You know it is time to do the inner work. 

It is time to release the past & to manifest a successful and fulfilling future for you. 


 Heal the stories of what happened and clear the heaviness of the regrets, the resentments and the failures.

 Release your old stories of unworthiness, lack and not enoughness.

 Learn how to trust and work with Divine guidance to take you to success.

 Change the rule and definitions for you so that you can be a winner at the game of life.

 Rearrange your psyche so that you are internally motivated and things easily come to you.

 Synchronize with success and confidently step on your path.

 Be unstoppable in taking action and making dreams real.




 Be in flow.

 Feel life supporting you.





 Be in charge of your life.

 Show up and take action.

 Achieve your goals.

In Rise Up & Win I will move you emotionally. 

I am masterful at helping people heal the past and overcome their blocks. 

You will heal the wounds, the pain of the failures and the regrets of the past quickly.

You will make quantum leaps in your psyche. 

Because you are worth it. Your dream is worth it. 

It is time for you to step into your power and say YES!

Make the decision to break the old patterns and sign up for Rise Up & Win.

 The Pre-Work is very in-depth and the clearing, shifting and healing we do there will remove and release what blocks you and holds you back through the use of EFT Tapping. Topics: Clear self-blame; Forgive myself for failing; Going beyond playing small.

 Desire is your sacred guiding force. You will learn how to hear the true desire of your soul. We will remove the fears and objections that come up once you identify what for you want and why do you want it.

 You will remove the emotional charge around what happened in the past when you attempted to follow your dreams and experienced setbacks and failures. You will experience healing and peace as you forgive them and forgive yourself. You will experience how forgiveness prospers.

 You will clear the fear that hold you back. We will clear the lies that it will be hard and that you don’t have time to take the actions you are guided to. We will remove your fear of being disappointed. Learn how to use the powerful tool of trust in a way that puts you in charge of the experiences in your life.

 We will change the paradigm that you need to struggle in order to success. You will release the fear of success and the fear of failure. Though a deeply transformative process we’ll bring you right into the truth of who you are — you are worthy and you are enough. And we will change the rule and definitions for you so that you become a winner at the game of life.

 You’ll learn what soul guided action is. We will clear your resistance to taking action. You will synchronize with success and create the future you dream and desire to achieve and quantum leap into it now.

 You’ll receive 2 hours and 40 minutes in valuable bonus content that will practically apply all the information for you.

Each video is filled with life changing material that will shift you and put you right on your path to success and greatness; is overflowing with countless practical tips and techniques for blending spiritual principles into everyday life so that you are confident, whole, connected, supported and empowered as you take action on following your purpose and building your empire; contains energetic principles, manifestation and mindset strategies to guide you to design your lit up life; is loaded with powerful, uplifting energy and fresh perspective to awaken you to your greatness and make you unstoppable.

The energetic tools we use are EFT Tapping and Hypnosis.

The Pre-Work and the Modules will give you 11 hours and 51 minutes of life-changing content.


There are a total of 3 hours and 35 minutes of Bonus content included with this digital course experience.

For a total of 15 hours and 26 minutes of transformative inner work.

Receive Instant Access to the Pre-Work and all Bonuses upon enrollment.

You have all content and updates for life. 

 I had high expectations and even they were exceeded! - SZ

Mira, just had to share: I can’t believe this but I had thought that I couldn’t create the whole $100K in Oct but the next day Nov 1st, I sold another $30k so this brings the Oct (if I count it that way lol) to $107K I am in disbelief shock, relief and elation. We did it! Thank you coach! - CD

We started working on money, using tapping, identifying underlying beliefs and defining new ones, self hypnosis and daily work. It’s a fascinating, revealing and quite emotional process. My relationship with money has changed, and I’m now working on the manifestation process. Closely linked to this, was finding my way into my own business. I was really confused and frustrated because I didn’t really know what I was “supposed” to do. I felt that I had some talents here and there, but nothing really stood out.

That was until Mira gave me a brilliant idea based on things I had told her, and her own amazing insight process. It all made sense, and brought all my own ideas and strengths together into a business idea that will both help people and generate money – while I get to use all my experience and personal qualities. - EB

 I had high expectations and even they were exceeded! - SZ

 Thank you Mira!! I am just in awe of our time together. I am not sure even if I said thank you in 200 different languages, it would encapsulate how grateful I am for the work you do and the gift of your presence in my life. Looking forward to fantastic things!! - KC

I’m very busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now? 

You will receive life-time access and unlimited replays to all recorded trainings, but it is up to you when you start, how quickly you move through them, and how often you listen to each one. Most people love my content so much that they watch and listen to it over and over.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. You will find the split pay payment option here

Can you guarantee specific results?

I love how comprehensive and life-changing all information in this course is. The praise on this page is from real live people who have worked with me and gotten incredible results by following what I teach and staying committed to the inner work I guide you through. However, as each one of us is in a different place emotionally and financially, I cannot guarantee results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

What is your refund policy?

I encourage you to enroll, look through the available bonus material, and if this isn’t right for you, please email me within 24 hours of signing up for a full refund. No refunds will be available following the 24 hour period after signing up.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

More Questions? Please email us at [email protected] for help.

You are worthy of more. 

Call in you desires. 

Expect massive amounts of money, success and fulfillment to flow in. 

This is your time.

It is time to go big and have it all!

As you send the payment, please do so intentionally. Decide how this program will change your life. Decide what you will get through working with me. Do this purposefully and powerfully. I’m proud of you.

I am sending you oceans of love,

Start today!


Mira Kelley

Mira Kelley is a consciousness architect, international speaker, best-selling author and a past life regressionist.

 ​ She is the author of the 18 languages international best-selling and best-loved book Beyond Past Lives.

 ​ She has worked with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, individually and through her many programs, products and workshops, to help them clear their emotional and physical problems, to let go of the past and to create their best lives now.

 ​ She has been featured on OWN, OWN.com, Coast to Coast, Gaia TV and many other great national and international TV and radio shows.

 ​ Her work has been prominently featured in the New York Times best-selling books of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Brian Weiss, Anita Moorjani and Cathy Byrd.