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The Eleven Rules of People-Pleasing & Putting Others First

1. I should always do what others want, expect, or need from me. 

2. I should take care of everyone around me whether they ask for help or not. 

3. I should always listen to everyone’s problems and try my best to solve them. 

4. I should always be nice and never hurt anyone’s feelings. 

5. I should always put other people first, before me. 

6. I should never say “no” to anyone who needs or requests something of me. 

7. I should never disappoint anyone or let others down in any way. 

8. I should always be happy and upbeat and never show any negative feelings to others. 

9. I should always try to please other people and make them happy.

10. I should try never to burden others with my own needs or problems. 

11. I should fulfill all of these should and shouldn’t expectations of myself completely and perfectly.

When you put others first, you have a number of expectations about the way they should treat you, because of how nice you are and how hard you try to make them happy. 

Yet, these expectations are “hidden shoulds” and provoke a lot of negative feelings when others fail to fully meet them. 

But, of course, the expression of negative feelings toward others—such as anger, resentment, or disappointment—is prohibited by the Eighth Rule of People-Pleasing: You should always be happy, and never show any negative feelings toward others. 

As a result, we (1) feel guilty about having negative feelings toward others, and (2) blame yourself for not pleasing others enough to elicit consistently positive treatment from them in return.

The Seven Deadly Shoulds 

1. Other people should appreciate and love me because of all the things I do for them. 

2. Other people should always like and approve of me because of how hard I work to please them. 

3. Other people should never reject or criticize me because I always try to live up to their desires and expectations. 

4. Other people should be kind and caring to me in return because of how well I treat them. 

5. Other people should never hurt me or treat me unfairly because I am so nice to them. 

6. Other people should never leave or abandon me because of how much I make them need me. 

7. Other people should never be angry with me because I would go to any length to avoid conflict, anger, or confrontation with them.

In this class, you will receive:

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Module 1: Afraid To Be Selfish and Not Put Others First

Module 2: It Is Hard to Ask for Help

Module 3: When Guilt Keeps Us Over-Giving in Relationships

Module 4: Saying No

Module 5: I Need To Be Nice & The Good Girl/Boy

Module 6: Avoiding Confrontation & The Fear of Their Anger

Module 7: The Only One I Need to Please to Create Real Connection & Support

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Mira Kelley

Mira Kelley is a consciousness architect, international speaker, best-selling author and a past life regressionist.

 ​ She is the author of the 18 languages international best-selling and best-loved book Beyond Past Lives.

 ​ She has worked with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, individually and through her many programs, products and workshops, to help them clear their emotional and physical problems, to let go of the past and to create their best lives now.

 ​ She has been featured on OWN, OWN.com, Coast to Coast, Gaia TV and many other great national and international TV and radio shows.

 ​ Her work has been prominently featured in the New York Times best-selling books of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Brian Weiss, Anita Moorjani and Cathy Byrd.

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