Past Life Regressionist Certification Training:

Transform Your Life and Guide Others Through Past Life Explorations

Do you feel drawn to help others heal, grow, and understand themselves at a soul level? 

Are you fascinated by the possibility of exploring past lives?

Do you desire to have a new revenue stream as a regressionist?

Become a certified past life regressionist in just 4 days with renowned regressionist Mira Kelley. 

This immersive certification provides powerful tools to profoundly expand your own soul's journey and guide others through past life exploration.

Instant access to 4 full days of recorded experiential training (6 hours per day) with Mira Kelley

In-depth exploration of past lives, future lives, life purpose, and soul relationships

Practical guidance on facilitating safe, therapeutic past life regressions

Skills to help clients resolve issues, find peace, and understand their soul's path

Opportunities to practice regressions and receive expert feedback

Comprehensive session script

Professional certificate upon successful course completion

Ongoing support from Mira Kelley 

The Levels:

$999 gives you instant access to the full recorded training

$1,999 gives you one 3 hour past life regression 1:1 live with Mira Kelley; 4 x 30 minute live 1:1 coaching sessions with Mira Kelley; and the instant access to the full recorded training

Taking action on new projects

Increased self-compassion and self-acceptance

Diminished need for control and validation

Being motivated by growth vs. pleasing others

Relief from anxious thoughts and self-judgment

Improved focus, creativity, and resilience

More presence, joy, and peace of mind

Deeper connection and intimacy with self and others

A liberating new relationship with yourself!


If you feel called to become a certified regressionist, this intensive certification provides unmatched training with a renowned expert. 

Deepen your own journey as you gain skills to facilitate profound healing in others.

Recommended Reading: 

Beyond Past Lives by Mira Kelley 

Begin your training today.

I had a good 22 people sign up for my free group past life regression online. It went well and I had positive feedback.
- K. O.

Tomorrow night I am hosting my first group Past Life Regression experience called Money Dialogue$! I am excited!
- S. J.

Mira Kelley is a maverick in the consciousness field, transforming lives across the globe as an internationally renowned past life regression expert, best-selling author, and sought-after inspirational speaker.

Through her groundbreaking book Beyond Past Lives, Mira has guided countless people in unlocking their highest potential by healing the past and aligning with purpose. 

Her work has been endorsed by luminaries like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Brian Weiss, Anita Moorjani and others.

Mira has an unparalleled ability to gently guide people into accessing their soul's wisdom, clearing emotional and physical blockages, uncovering profound insights, and creating lives they love. 

She has worked with hundreds of thousands worldwide through her books, individual sessions, retreats and workshops.

Featured in media outlets like Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, and Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network, Mira shares spiritual tools that awaken empowerment, inspiration, and limitless possibility in every area of life.

Connect with Mira on your favorite social media platform under @mirakelley or email her at [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information provided in this program or any other of Mira Kelley’s programs is not offered as financial, medical or psychological advice and should not be considered financial, medical or psychological advice. It is not intended to replace your relationship with your health care providers nor should you stop taking any medication.

Mira Kelley is not a professional financial advisor, physician, qualified health care professional and qualified mental health care professional. Always seek the advice of a professional financial planner, physician, qualified health care professional and qualified mental health care professional regarding any financial matters, and any physical, mental, or emotional conditions.

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Refund Policy: Please email us at [email protected] within 24 hours of your payment for a full refund. 

No refunds will be available following the 24 hour period after your payment.