An 8-week microdosing mastermind experience that will take you on an expansive and life-changing journey to healing.

Mira, thank you. You helped me like no one else I ever suspected would give me relief. I lived my life in the deep waves. As a child that grew up near the ocean, I knew the oppression that the waves dispensed. They comforted me with rhythmic motion and, simultaneously, engulfed my entire being. The seduction of the waves led me to believe I was safe, yet I was also drowning.

At the age of seven, I realized that walking out into those waves that consumed me was how I felt inside. They were waves of depression and misunderstanding. As a child, you cannot explain what depression is to adults. But I knew when the actual ocean waves overtook me and held me under the water, drowning me, it was where I was meant to be, and it was a comfort. It was depression and self-imposed guilt.

That feeling held until my fifties. That decades-long oppressive feeling lasted until I knew you, Mira.

Micro-dosing changed my life and has begun to lift the weight I have felt for over fifty-one years. I cannot EVER thank you enough for giving me a life without judgment and guilt.

God Bless you, Mira. I am eternally your friend and patron.

Morning, Mira! Just want to check in. Everything is going amazing. And great news! My mom is interested in trying.

I am so busy over here - I will never be able to thank you enough, Mira. This has changed my life. Everything you do is important work, but this is a game changer!

I am keeping a journal.

Day 1-4 I felt tingly sensation in my head not a bad feeling it was delightful!

Day 4-7 My sleep became so sound - I think I am finally achieving REM sleep, which the doctors said I was not getting. In addition my dreams are so VIVID! The being awake and motivate has not happened once since June 2021.

I also have an appetite for good food, since June 2021 I have only craved junk. Now I am hungry for a healthy breakfast and salads for dinner. Amen!

I also woke up with a tension headache this morning and after taking my meds - headache was noticeably gone in less than <10 min and within minutes the pain lessened. Thank you so much and please let me know if you have any other suggestions if your time allows.


Access to the highest quality Amanita Muscaria microdosing medicine

Weekly live mastermind calls on Thursdays at 4pm PST // 7pm EST

Start date is November 2

Determine the right protocol for you

Subconscious re-programing and emotional healing

8-week long experience

Mira Kelley is a maverick in the consciousness field, transforming lives across the globe as an internationally renowned past life regression expert, best-selling author, and sought-after inspirational speaker.

Through her groundbreaking book Beyond Past Lives, Mira has guided countless people in unlocking their highest potential by healing the past and aligning with purpose. 

Her work has been endorsed by luminaries like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Brian Weiss, Anita Moorjani and others.

Mira has an unparalleled ability to gently guide people into accessing their soul's wisdom, clearing emotional and physical blockages, uncovering profound insights, and creating lives they love. 

She has worked with hundreds of thousands worldwide through her books, individual sessions, retreats and workshops.

Featured in media outlets like Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM, and Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network, Mira shares spiritual tools that awaken empowerment, inspiration, and limitless possibility in every area of life.

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