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Let the Moon phases be your roadmap to manifest abundance

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” 



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Hi Mira! 

I pulled out an old journal yesterday, looking for some spare pages so that I could journal on my vision board for the year. I flipped through and discovered my “email” I had written to you as part of your new moon ritual practices. I was freakin blown away at what I read! 

“I am writing you today poolside as I look out onto the water from my dream home in Florida. We sold our farm shortly after the ritual and it all just fell into place! I also write to you today as a published author! What?! That’s right!...” 

I wrote this just 4 months BEFORE I became a published author, almost one year to the date BEFORE we sold our farmhouse, and almost 2 years to the date BEFORE we bought what my husband and I both feel is our dream home... with a pool, on a river that leads to the ocean! Crazy!!

I just had to write you and say THANK YOU! Thank you for showing up in a way that spoke to me and inspired me to take action! 

All my best,


Good Evening Mira,


I am so ecstatic , humbled, and grateful to tell you that I got the job as the executive *** at *** ACLU. I will use my voice not as a weapon as I have thought of my voice in the past, instead, I will use my voice as an ointment. A healing ointment, that will help to bring understanding and compassion to the poor and underserved people of ***, the nation, and one day the world. I know that I was divinely guided to the Gaia interview you did, which led me to purchase your book and later to connect with you via email and social media. Because of those connections, I took advantage of your New Mood Ritual and here I am today giving you my testimony. I thank you so much.


Stay Blessed and full of Love,



Hello Mira,

I carried out the new moon ritual you described and am writing to tell you about it.

As my part of the world turns to autumn, the intense recent energy has contributed to the uprising of some grotesque and unmanageable emotion.

Your moon ritual helped me purge that. 

I smiled. A real heart smile that lit up my face and my heart. I cannot remember the last time I smiled like that.

I followed each step with heart and feeling. I burned the paper and enjoyed watching the embers quickly engulf and then peter out to nothingness. In that moment I gave away all that doesn't help me. 

I enjoyed assessing my specific gratitude and treated those things as if the were real living things worthy of a relationship.

I finally allowed myself to set intentions and desires for myself for the life I dream of, without doubting its possibility. Thank you for taking the time to write and share this ritual.


Thanks, Mira, for sharing this new moon ritual. It feels really uplifting, focused and empowering! I've had a rough few months. I'm really ready to release it.



Mira, darling!

I am eager to share with you, I know its early for manifested to come to life yet, but let’s call it the foreword to my manifestation. Your message, however, was right on the spot. 

I did the moon ritual and let it all out. I saw it all, covered under layers of suppressed emotions, bubbling to the surface of my digital paper - pain, sorrow, feeling of abandonment, heartbreak, longing, hopes, disappointments, loneliness - on the eve of the full moon.

For the next following days my thoughts on manifesting and gratitude became more profound and more detailed. I continued elaborating on my vision and my affirmations. 

Today I reread my journal entry from the day of the full moon and realized how my perception has changed. As if I was a different version of myself when I wrote it. The mask has fallen. 

And thanks to you, Mira for challenging me to do this.

These encounters that were filed under "pain, heartbreak, abandoned, undeserving love” are now under Grateful. I have since deleted this entry since it is not representing who I am.

This is what I call peace of mind. Manifesting the bliss to come soon.

Big Hug,



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